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Kindness costs nothing and gives so much...

Two children discover the true gift of giving in this tale of wonder and whimsy from Sarah, Duchess of York.

A bearded old man and his lively small dog Snowball transform Jack and Mary's visit to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park into a magical experience after they accept his offer of a chestnut. Suddenly they are embraced by the delicious aroma of cinnamon, apple tart, and gingerbread and surrounded by people dressed in old-fashioned clothes. Their step back in time to the victorian era leads Jack and Mary to a poorhouse for orphans, where they invite the mean-spirited old woman in

charge to visit the fair with them.

Will their simple act of kindness bring joy to the heart and transform the lives of the children in her care?

Meet Sarah, Duchess of York

Sarah, Duchess of  York is a global humanitarian, businesswoman, best-selling children's book author, producer and wellness advocate.

The Duchess has published over 55 books including two autobiographies and titles dealing with health, empowerment, history, art, as well as many children's stories. Books with Serenity Press include The Enchanted Oak Tree, Genie Gems and Arthur Fantastic, Budgie the Little Helicopter Rescues Kubbie the Koala and A Gift of Kindness. Four books from the original Helping Hands series have been re-released. Other children's books include the series of Budgie the Little Helicopter, adapted into a highly successful animated series on US primetime Fox and the children's book Tea for Ruby, published by Simon and Schuster which had its debut at the top of the New York Times bestseller list.

20% from the sales of Duchess Serenity Press collection goes directly to Sarah's Trust. (www.sarahstrust.com).

Meet illustrator Turine Tran

Vietnamese artist Turine Tran’s imaginative children’s illustrations are inspired by some of the Victorian greats like Arthur Rackham, yet she’s established her own unique style which is charming, elegant and popular with clients who love her nostaligic, painterly approach.

Though she grew up in the hot, busy and crowded city of Saigon, Turine loves escaping to the countryside, particularly when the weather is dark and moody, and nature and the environment are important in her work. As her career has progressed, she has enhanced the fantastical and dreamlike qualities of her work, becoming a skilled visual storyteller. Turine studied design in Vietnam, before going to the School of Art, Design and Media in Singapore and then the Edinburgh College of Art for an MA in Illustration.

You find out more about Turine Tran at Illustration X 

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